Bill Vanderbush

Bill has been a Pastor for 27 years. After spending 12 years in Austin, TX, Bill and his wife, Traci, had a supernatural encounter that drew them into an incredible adventure of being shaped and fashioned by the power and grace of God. They currently travel, speaking in conferences and churches around the world, as well as serving at Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration, Florida where Bill is a pastor. 
One of the most important works for Bill was co-authoring a book with New York Times Bestselling Author, Ted Dekker. Bill and Ted co-authored “The Forgotten Way," which can be found at 
Bill’s consuming passion is to empower people to do the greater works that Jesus spoke of and live out the mystery of our union with Christ. He enjoys empowering others to invade the impossible. Bill and Traci currently live in Celebration, Florida. They have two grown children, Britain and Sara.

Lonnie Riley

In 1999 the Lord called Lonnie and Belinda Riley to Lynch, KY to help people and share Jesus. They had no preconceived plan or strategy but the Lord supplied. Now a multifaceted ministry is in place with many ministries in place as tools to share Christ. Ministries include: Solomon’s Porch Retreat Center Black Mountain Exchange Lamp House Coffee Shop Meridzo Agribusiness Center (Mushroom growing facility) The Stables at Creekside Glen Shekinah Village Hope House Calvary Campus at Blackey Maytown Center at Langley Heaven’s Door Chapel at Lake Cumberland Resort And other personal ministries.
Lonnie and Belinda have served as college Administrators, State Convention Staff, as well as Pastor of small and large churches.

Wayne Lehman

Wayne Lehman has been married to Vicki since 1985 and is father to three grown sons and has two grandchildren. He has served many years in various ministries including two years as a missionary in the Philippines and in his current role as executive pastor of Valley Christian Church in Westfield, PA since 2009. He also served on the board of directors for Penn York Camp from 2008-2018 
Wayne has been committed to building the Kingdom of God by serving the Body of Christ as a whole while ministering to a local congregation. He is convinced that the world is desperate for the people of God to rise up and fulfill their destiny of manifesting heaven on earth.

Cherianne Wold

Rev. Dr. Cherianne Wold is the President/Founder of S.T.A.R. Global Ministries S.T.A.R. represents Salvation, Training, Anointing, and Releasing into disciplined, loyal, fruitful service. S.T.A.R. focuses on training leaders, missionaries and evangelists and church and school planting worldwide. The training and education is unique in it’s emphasis on intimacy with God, integrity in ministry and intensive, cross-cultural, practical outreach and evangelism. 
Cherianne has four grown children and seven grandchildren which she considers her greatest accomplishment. 
Cherianne's Kenyan work includes Apostolic oversight of five churches, one Bible School, and an orphanage housing 90 children. In order to train up the next generation of Kingdom leaders, an Academy was established at the orphanage for pre-school through 8th grade.

Lou Goszleth

Lou Goszleth travels in North America and abroad, teaching, mentoring, and carrying fresh fire. He has a long history of pastoring. He and his family spent many years in Pa. and N.Y. and western Canada, becoming citizens there as well. He and Thelma now travel and minister together. 
For a number of years now, their network mission, "Destiny", has been based in central Florida, Though Lou has several credentials, he always considers his daughters his most significant. He is a family man. All four daughters are married and are serving God. Lou is very relational and serves the Body of Christ, knowing no boundaries. He has a heart for what God is saying and doing today. He is Apostolic and Prophetic, a Kingdom man, a connector, an encourager. He sees big change, transition, a new day of heaven touching earth, releasing an army of people who preach the Kingdom with demonstration of power. 

Alma Thompson

Rev. Alma Thompson is a graduate of Houghton College (NY) and was ordained as a Free Methodist elder in the Genesis Conference in 2004. She and her husband Brent are parents of a mixed-ethnicity family formed through adoption. Together they have served as pastors, as a missionaries for church planting and community development to Honduras, and for the past 4 years, as Co-Superintendents of a 5-state region. Alma has recently been appointed to serve as The Executive Director for International ChildCare Ministries ICCM . Anyone who has heard Alma preach knows that she’s a passionate communicator. She’s also a strategic leader and an outstanding developer of people. She’s known as a creative mentor and community networker. Her life is always and intentionally cross-cultural. Behind the scenes, Alma and Brent live in Columbus, Ohio where they share a home with a family from the Congo, and fill their life with neighborhood children and teenagers, on a mission to see a neighborhood community transformed by the power of heaven coming to earth. 
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